Decorating for the Perfect Birthday Celebration

Decorations and parties go hand in hand. Inviting people over for a birthday celebration just isn’t the same without them.


Think about the last really good party you went to (even if it was a long time ago). What did you notice? The hosts had put tremendous effort into creating a beautiful environment that put everyone in the mood for having fun. There was flower decor, birthday flowers, centerpieces, and more!

So how do you actually decorate for the perfect birthday celebration? Check out these ideas:

Choose Your Flowers

Birthday flowers are in vogue right now - and for good reasons: they look stunning and lift everyone’s spirits. With the right happy birthday flowers, you can totally change the mood of your event and improve the atmosphere.

“What flowers should I use for decorations?” I hear you ask.

Well, the choice is yours. The actual flowers you choose for yourself, or the person you’re throwing a party for, depends on the overall theme of the event and their personality.

Here’s a quick guide on some of your options:


  • Calla Lilies: These tend to work best in the kitchen, thanks to their subtle scent and ability to create a visually striking appearance.



  • Peonies: Peonies look like little roses and have a soothing, sweet smell, making them great for giving your party a fresh feel



  • Anemones: Anemones are among the most striking flowers and work well as centerpieces on your coffee table.



  • Champagne roses: If you’re throwing a luxe birthday party, including this type of rose can help take the atmosphere up a notch. They’re a brilliant white and work well in most rooms, regardless of the rest of your decor.


Decide Where You’ll Place Your Flowers

How you place your flowers also matters a great deal too. You can order them as bouquets for guests, put them in vases, or collect lots of individual flowers together to create a centerpiece decoration. You can also order decorative flowers and then pass them on as gifts at the end of a party - a little bit like an old-fashioned party bag.

Flower Decoration Ideas

So, with those basics out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the specific ways you might want to create birthday flower decorations.

Put Flowers In Old Wine Bottles

Do you have a bunch of old wine bottles lying around? If so, you can quickly rinse them out and put your flowers in them.

Start with about a dozen similar-looking wine bottles. Now line them up in a row and think about what color flower would suit them. If in doubt, match the color of the flower to that of the glass.

Place Wilting Flowers In A Water-Filled Ceramic Bowl

Do you have some flowers that are starting to wilt? If so, don’t give up on them.

Start by filling a shallow bowl (either glass or ceramic will suffice) with water. Then cut the flowers off the main plant, leaving about two inches of stalk, and place in the water, facing upright. You should notice that the water immersion keeps your flowers fresh for the party and a few days afterward.

Make Flower Arrangements Part of Your Table Composition

Birthday flowers look great when placed alongside the rest of your dining table decor. The options here are endless, but one idea is to put bouquets in a thin row, down the middle of the table. Succulents look great and don’t get in the way of conversations either.

Create A Wall Of Flowers Around Your Fireplace

Fireplaces tend to be the focal point of most living rooms. So, it makes sense to further adorn them with flowers on your birthday.

Creating a centerpiece like this just involves picking up the phone and talking to your local florist about the number of flowers you’ll need. The best arrangements use multiple complementary flowers of different heights, placed in a kind of semi-circle around the hearth.

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